Sunrising Spirit

Credit goes to Neptune for the featured picture.

Name : Sunrising Spirit

Creator : Neptune

Length : 21,3cm

Weight : 18,6g

– Insert : Yes

– Link : Sunrising Spirit (FPSB)

Modding : Hard

Pens :
– 2 Flexgrip elites ( Tips )
– 2 Spoko ou Uniball Signo 0.5 ( Grips )
– 2 Super Lavables ( Body )
– 1 Dr. Grip MP ( Big inktube )
– 1 Anyball ( Grips )
– 1 Transparent adhesive paper for printers (for the oustert)
– 1 Glow stick for your mod shines

Tutorial :

1- Make your grip cuts on your Spoko / Signo 0.5 grips.

2- Cut SuperLavable bodies. You need your tips hold well the glow stick, otherwise it will vibrate while spinning.

To find the right length, push your flexgrip tips on the glow stick and measure the length between the two thread (included). Divide by two and you get the length that each body should do. Measure and cut. (Counting from the front to keep intact backcap)

3- Take your big Dr. Grip inktube and cut the part without the “pins” inside (to 2.5 cm).

4- Push your Flexgrip Elite tips on both extremities of Superlavable bodies (on the side cut). Push hard until the thread is fully back into the body.

5- Push Superlavable bodies side where there were backcaps on the Dr. Grip inktube cut. If it does not fit, put scotch tape.

6- Cut 2 stripes of 3 Anyball stripes. Cut 2 stripes of 2 Anyball stripes. You can replace a stripe of color like Neptune mods (see link).

7- Put the cut grips on the body.

Add 3 strips side Flexgrip tip and 2 stripes side body. Your stripe of 3 stripes must hide the threads of the tips of Flexgrip.

8- Measure the area of the spin and print your outsert on sheet of transparent adhesive (Outsert size: length =  surface of the body, width = 3.15 cm). If your outsert is very transparent you must choose an image with maximum white as possible.

If you do not like the texture of the outsert (and you’re not alone) outsert with tape moving by following the method of TEK  (tuto)

Cut your outsert in the middle and glue each part on the body.

9- So, you are finished! To turn your glowstic, simply fold it (gently, right) several times over its entire length.

Comment :
A wonderful mod that offered by Neptune, invented it during the PenModding World Tournament 2009.