K7 Hybrid

Featured picture : credit goes to imatt

Name : K7 Hybrid

Craator : iMatt

Length : 19.5 cm

Weight : Middle

– Insert : Yes

– Link : K7 Hybrid (UPSB v3)

Modding : A bit hard.

Pens :

– 1 Pilot G3 plastic (All parts)
– 1 Hyperjell (grip)
– 1 Signo DX (grip + tip)
– 1 Signo Broad (grip + tip)
– 1 HGG (tip)
– 1 Japanese Jimnie  (cap)
– 1 Hi-Tec C (tip)
– Optionnal : 3 Penwish’s Ring

Tutorial :

1- Remove the grip of your G3 and file front + the lower tip of the latter.

2- Add the tip of your Hi-Tec C and Signo one your tip of your G3 has plastic explosive to make has Kuzu (G3 tip > Hi-Tec C tip > Signo tip)

3- Take all the wanted grips and you go to cut 1cm some grip of your Signo Broad and 0.9cm of your grip of Hyperjell. Not need to cut the grip of your Signo DX.

4- Cut completely the clip of the cap of your Jimnie.

5- Put grips on the front of your G3 as this:  ring > grip of your Hyperjell >  ring > grip of your Signo Broad > ring. After the third b ring, add 2 tours of chatterton on the rest of the front of your G3. As soon as you put the chaterton, you can add the grip of your Signo DX.

6- Screw the last one tip of Signo on the tip of your HGG (thanks to the teflon or to the patafix)

7- Add the 2 tips into Jimnie cap.

8- Cut 0.3cm besides some grip of your Signo Broad to put this small end just after tips in the cap.
9- Push the grip of your Hyperjell in the cap of your Jimnie.

10- Finally, add a bit of chatterton on the backcap of your G3 then put Jimnie cap above this.


Comment :
A beautiful mix between Seven’s G3 mod and kUzu’s G3 mod 😀