Single Grip Maniac Retract

Featured picture : credit goes to NxxS

Name : Single Grip Maniac Retract

Creator : NxxS

Length : 19.7 cm

Weight : 15 g

– Insert: Yes

– WebLink : Single Grip Maniac Retract (FPSB)

Difficulty : Middle

Pens :

– 1 Papermate Flexgrip Ultra (All parts without retractable system)  [A non-retractable increases the length of the mod)

– 1 Bic Atlantis 1.0 [/!\No 0.7 or 1.2/!\] (All parts)

– 1 or 2 Bic Atlantis 1.2 (Grip(s), possibility of using another random thin grip)

Tutorial :

1- Remove your Flexgrip Papermate Ultra ( = PFU) to keep everything except the back system.

2- Remove the grip of your Bic Atlantis 1.0 (the grip is stuck so use common cunning and force to remove it 🙂 )

3- Put Bic Atlantis 1.2 grips in front of your grip PFU (boiled beforehand if possible) or another (for cut grip).

4- Encase the Bic Atlantis .1.0 in the body of PFU. Attention it will not file badly to make it fit entirely.

5- Put grips on push button with a grip of Bic Atlantis 1.0. / 1.2. or with other grips.

6- Make a long inktube (16,2cm)

Comment : Single cap version of the mod created by the famous ….. Near 😀 ! not so much stuff to make a mod retractable, Nxxs played really well for this one 😀

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    Vraiment, y faut que je me mottive pour le faire!

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