Minovate DC

Featured picture : credit goes to TEK

Name : Minovate DC

Creator : Minwoo

Length : 20, 5 cm

Weight :  15g

–  Outsert : No

Webink : Minovate DC (UPSB)

Difficulty : Easy

Pens :

– 2 HGG (tips + grips)

– 2 Faber Castell Grip Matic (tips)

– 1 Superpirat (All parts)

Tutorial :

1- Remove the writings on the body of your superpirat with solvent (acetone e.g.)

2- Leave your superpirat inktube  and leave caps (add glue if necessary)

3- Add some arounds of electrical tape on the barrel to make it look pretty.

4- Put HGG grip above superpirat cap .  (x2)

5- Put HGG tip and Grip Matic tip on caps  (cap > hgg tip >  grip matic tip) (x2)

Comment : 

There’s no legit tutorial associated with this mod, but some ppl believe that it is composed as I mentioned above 🙂 . But if someone knows more about this mod (its composition), they can  contact me directly so I can edit the tutorial =). Otherwise, it’s a mod with a beautiful and easy making with materials easily findable. What else?


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    Je sais pas pourquoi, mais j’accroche pas au style. Je trouve que les grips de HGG sur des double caps comme ça ça rends pas bien.

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    Je l’ai !!! 😀
    20.5 cm
    J’aime !!

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