Nachoaddict’s MP Mod

Featured picture : credit goes to Nachoaddict

Name : Nachoaddict’s MP Mod (TBA)

Creator : Nachoaddict

Length : 21cm

Weight : Middle

Outsert : No

Weblink : TBA (UPSB v4)

Difficulty : Hard

Pens :

– 1 Color Twin / Keycho / Art Color Twin (barrel, small cap, backplug)
– 1 Dong_a ( cap)
– 1 Dr.Grip Shaker (grip, inktube)
– 1 Airblanc (everything without grip)
– 1 Anyball / Star Gel Max / Profile (grip)
– 1 H.G.G. (tip, backcap)
– 1 Sailor Gel / Gel wave / Beifa / Duraflash (grip)
– 1 R.S.V.P. (cap)

Tutorial :

1- Take your Airblanc pencil and cut it down to 4cm of the hard plastic left WITH the tip screwed on.

2- Hollow out the Comssa cap and add some tape to the Airblanc body in the front so it fits snugly into the comssa cap. Insert the lead tube and screw the Airblanc tip onto the barrel.

3- Take your Colortwin barrel and gut it. Cut off the front and scrape the inside of it out with scissors. Then cut the tip portion on the backplug. Add tape if desired.

4- Add a bit of tape to the bottom of the Airblanc barrel so it can fit snugly onto the Colortwin body. Take your Dr. Grip Shaker lead tube and tape it together with the Airblanc lead tube.

5- Drill a hole into your Colortwin small cap and add a bit of tape to it so the RSVP cap can slide easily but does not rattle.

6-  Add the Comssa cap + Airblanc package to the front of the Colortwin body. Add the Colortwin small cap to the back. The Dr. Grip lead tube should be able to easily pass by the Colortwin backplug and small cap.

7- Add grips to the front. I used: Anyball ring > Sailor ring > 1cm of Dr. Grip Shaker grip > Sailor ring > Anyball ring > Sailor ring > 2cm of Dr. Grip Shaker grip
8-Take your RSVP cap and add some tape and grips. I used: Anyball ring>Sailor ring>White tape>Sailor ring>Anyball ring

9- Then screw the HGG tip onto the HGG backplug.

10- Fit the HGG tip and backplug package neatly into the back of the RSVP cap. Then by trial and error cut away excess parts of the Dr. Grip lead tube until you reach a desired length.

11- Done ^^

Comment : This guy managed to recycle / re-use mechanism of Airblanc + body and a small cap of  CT :D. If you got the stuff, I think it worth the shot to make it, really 😉

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    Hum…ce mod est single sided il me semble. Il est rangé au mauvais endroit.

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    Je ne crois pas, car il a à l’avant un cap de dong_a et à l’arrière un cap de RSVP.
    Mais je vais quand même le mettre dans la section DoS et SiS =)

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