Zółty Mod

Featured picture : credit goes to ???

Name : Zółty Mod

Creator : Pari

Length : 20 cm

Weight : 16 g

– Outsert : Why not =)

Weblink : Zółty Mod (Youtube)

Difficulty : Easy

Pens :

– 1 Fibracolor (grey barrel) / Pelican Colorella Duo (colored barrel) (all : barrel + caps)
– 2 Spoko / Pilot G2 (grips)
– 2 Airfit Gel (tips)
– 1 Star Gel Max / Papermate / Anyball (two rings)

Tutorial :

1- Empty the Fibracolor / Pelican Colorella Duo.If you use a Pelican Colorella Duo, you have to use the Fibracolor caps. Leave the caps on the barrel

2- Put g2/Spoko grip on the caps until you can’t see it anymore.

3- The spoko grips are a little too long : turn it over to screw the airfit tips.

4- Finally, put the Anyball grips on the tips.

Comment : A really good capped-gripped-tipped mod, easy to do !

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    Aaaaah !!!! Bah c’est grâcfe à qui qu’il est là celui là !! XDDD
    Merci Vor-tèx !

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    Les fibracolor, ce sont des mémo 720, me semble-t-il, si mes yeux ne me mentent pas^^.
    Il a déja été utilisé pour créer le Mémo.094 (un mod simple et tombé dans l’oubli) et moi et andrep avons fait un fake dr.kt.
    Mais je ne crois pas qu’ils soit encore produits.

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    sorry for speaking english in there, i know it’s a french blog, but there’s ballpoint airfits with black body also, and ballpoint airfits doesn’t work on this mod, since the inside of it is more “crowded”.

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