Dr.Kt Mechanical Pencil

Featured picture : credit goes to KunLin

Name : Dr.Kt MP

Creator : KunLin

Length : As a Dr.kt

Weight : A bit heavier than a Dr.Kt.

–  Outsert : Yes

– Link : Dr.Kt Mechanical Pencil (UPSB)

Difficulty : Long and hard.

Pens :

– 1 Dr.Kt (All Parts)

– 1 Dr.Grip Shaker (mecanism)

– 1 Bic Round Stic (inktube)

Tutorial :

1- a)  Drill a hole into one of the KT caps big enough so that the inktube can slide through undisturbed
b) File down the nub of the KT cap that you drilled a hole into so that it is not protruding out of the top anymore
c) Cut and drill holes of similar size to the KT cap on the KT body

2- File down the part indicated in the picture on the Dr grip MP mech. until it is flush with the lead tube (see link)

3- Take apart the Bic round stic inktube, wash out all the ink and cut the inktube to 6.3 cm (might need a little bit of adjusting at the end)

4- Tape the cut bic round stic inktube onto the dr grip mech tube, it should be around 17 cm. MAKE SURE IT’S STURDY.

5-  Assemble the front cap into the body

First extremity finished (:


6- Stick the ‘head’ of the bic round stic inktube into the KT cap. It should fit in very snugly. Push it in all the way.

7- Tape the KT body where indicated to reduce rattling. Use trial and error to find the right amount of tape.

8- Put the cap on and you’re done! The Bic inktube should go into the piece that was stuck into the KT cap.

Second extremity finished 😀

9- If made correctly, the pen should be very stable and durable. there should be no rattling and it should still be as good as new even if you threw it around “Tek style 😛

Comment : I wanted to put a tutorial of a retractable famous mod (or MP), here is, it is done =). I also put it because it can give ideas to some ppl to make mods ( Double Sided) MP (ex: bustercyl MP, Namae mod MP etc.)

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    Calmez-vous sur les longs et durs XD

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    Ben je vais pas mettre que le moddage est facile comme pour faire un RSVP mx.

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