Taeko’s mpg1 mod

Name : Taeko’s mpg1 mod

Creator : taeko-

Lenght : 19.5 cm

Weigth : ~ 14g

– Insert / Outsert : Yes

– Link : Taeko’s mpg1 mod (FPSB)

Modding : A bit hard.

Pens :

– 1 Pilot g1 (without grip)  (Body)

– 1 RSVP, mini … (cap)

– 1 HGG (tip,piece of inktube = 4cm)
– 1 Uniball signo (cap)
– 2 Criterium bicmatic (all parts) (same colors)
grips (g2 for me)

Tutorial :

1- Remove Bicmatic rubber, cut 0.3 cm after the base of the tip. remove the body as shown.

2- Take Signo cap, remove the piece of plastic which is on the cap. Put grip above the cap. Put Bic matic into Signo cap. (see picture above)

3- Put some grips on G1 body (5-6 mm) an put Signo cap in the back of the body.

4- Screw HGG tip on Bicmatic tip.

Boring part:

6- Put grip on RSVP cap.

7- Cut about 3.5-4cm of HGG inktube.

8- Take the second Bicmatic, remove the body (like the first), then cut from the rubber 3.5-4cm of criteriom inktube.

Assembly for the cap :

9- Press as far as possible criteriom inktube into RSVP cap.

10- Press about 2cm of HGG inktube into criteriom inktube.

11- Then, put RSVP cap in the front of G1 so that inktube of HGG in excess returns in the ink of the criterion already present in the body of g1.

Comment : Well this mod is really beautiful and it’s an MP mod !

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    Comme je l’ai déja dit, me semble-t-il, c’est un mod qui parrait pas mal.
    Le fait qu’il soit MP rajoute du charme^^

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