The Breaker

Credit goes to Guitrum for the featured picture.


– Name : The Breaker

Creator : Guitrum

Length : from 11 to 21 cm

–  Weigtht : 15 g

Insert : Yes

Link : The Breaker (UPSB)

Difficulty : Hard

Pens :

2 Impact RT (Tip + piece of mine)

2 Pilot G2 (All parts)

1 Sanford Sharpie Pen (barrel)

Tutorial :

1- Remove G2 grips

2- Scribble out all of the ink from the two inktube tips so that no ink is left

3-  a. Break off the Sharpie cap clip and attach it with tape to the Sharpie backcap. Put backcap/cap combo into the Sharpie body.
b. Use my text removal method to remove the text.
c. You should have this.

4-a. Cut the Sharpie body to 3.5cm.
b. Cut and sand the small G2 body pieces to 3cm.
c. Combine all 3 pieces to make this. Sand/add tape wherever necessary.

5- Sand 0.25cm off of the top of the large G2 body pieces then cut V-shaped cuts across from eachother (see link).

6- Cut off and sand the thinner bit off of the back of the G2 inktube tip. then cut/sand off a SMALL bit from the front of the tip (see link).

7-  Place the cut inktube tip with the rubber band in the V-shaped cuts like shown. Screw on one IRT tip

8- Use a spare inktube to maneuver the rubberband through the middle piece (see link).

9- Now maneuver the rubberband through the second large G2 body piece the same way in the previous steps. Screw everything together but keep the rubberband on the outside.

10- Cut the second inktube tip the exact same way.

11- Get the inktube tip to hold the rubber band (see link). Screw on the last IRT tip.

12- On both sides, wrap teflon tape around the section that is lower than everything else.
13- On both sides, add the grips.

Comment : 
This mod is super convenient because you can unscrew it and put it in your pocket without breaking : It will measure 11 cm long ^ ^

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    Mais bon, il semble rester clasique.
    Donc en effet, a tester!

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    Décidément j’adore les mods de Guitrum \o/ Mais bon le matos est pas toujours simple, les sharpie pen sont trouvable en France? Ou fakable dans le cas contraire :s.

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    fakable, c’est quasiment sur (ça ne reste qu’un morceau de stylo cylindrique^^), mais trouvable en france, je ne pense pas.

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    il ressemble grave à un mon mod perso ! X”D