G2 Vortex

Credit goes to Du-Du-spinning for the featured picture.

Name : G2 Vortex v1

Creator : Zharastroh

Length : 20cm

Weight : Light

Insert : Yes

Link : G2 Vortex v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6 et v9

Making : Easy

Pens list:

2 G2 ( 2 Bodies + 2 Grips )
2 Uniball Signo ( 2 Caps )
Tutorial :
1-Keep the back part of the G2.
2- Remove the color clip
3- Cut 2cm of the bic body.
4- Attach both G2 bodies together thanks to the piece of the bic.
5- Cut approximately 0.7 cm of the grip of G2 from the bottom and push it on both extremities of the G2 body.
6- Cut and file clip of Signo caps then push it on both extremities of the body.
7- Above each cap, put 6 rings of G2 grips.
The most popular mod in fpsb back in 2008. A ton of versions and colors exist. It is easy and cheap to make, but some people think it is too much light the barrel is too much slippery.
It was popularized by JLD, an old french penspinner.

All comments.

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    Moddage facile alors que le GA a eu moddage moyen ?
    A mon avis c’est plutot l’inverse …

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    Des avis sur les versions ? Si quelqu’un les a toutes testé..^^’

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    Pour la V1, 0.7 cm du grip de G2 à partir du bas c’est 4 anneaux ?

    Il est pas un peu long ? Ou alors j’ai vraiment du mal a enfoncer les caps de signo…

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    nan mais de toute façon ce mod devrait être interdit tellement il est nul XD