Loser’s Lakubo Jell

Credit goes to Loser for the featured picture.


Name : Loser’s Lakubo Jell

Creator : Loser

Length : 20.4 cm

–  Weight : 15g

– Insert : Yes

– Link : Loser’s Lakubo Jell (Loser’s pen spin site)

Making : Easy

Pens list :

2 UM151 (2 Tips) (can be faked by Signo / Signo DX / G3)2 HyperJell (1 Cap + 2 Grips)
1 Lakubo (Every parts without the cap and the inktube)
1 Sailor Gel (Grip) (= Grip of  Gel Waves, Duraflash, Beifa, Sailor Gel)

Tutorial :

1- Cut and file the clip of the Hyperjell cap. Put the UM151 tip inside.

2- Cut 0.7cm off of your Hyperjell grip, keep the 0.7cm piece for step 7, keep the rest for the next step.

3-  Put an outsert around the cut Hyperjell grip at the bottom of the cap.

4- Put an insert inside the Lakubo body. Put the cap on the Lakubo backcap.

5- Put the UM151 tip onto the Lakubo plastic tip.

6- Cut the second Hyperjell grip to about 1,3cm. Then cut the Sailor Gel grip, you will need a piece of 3 stripes and another piece of 2 stripes.

7- Put the 0.7cm piece of Hyperjell grip, then the 3 stripes, then the piece of 1.3 cm of Hyperjell, and add 2 stripes onto it.

Comment :
The main advantage of this mod is that with just some stuff, you can build this pretty decent mod.

Video :

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