Vicgotgame Mod

Name : Vicgotgame Mod

Creator : Vicgotgame

Length : Custom

Weight : I think over 20g

Outsert : No

Link : Vicgotgame Mod ( UPSB )

Making : Medium

Stuff :

2 Crayola Supertips ( Barrels )
2 Pentel RSVP ( 2 Caps )
2 Zebra Airfit Gel ( 2 Tips )
1 Pilot Dr.Grip ( Grip )
1 Bic Round Stick ( Barrel )

Tutorial :

1-  Remove the Supertips inktube and backplug.

2-  Cut the front part of the supertips according to the length you want for your mod. The two parts MUST be the same length. File until it’s straight.

3-  Remove the Bic Round Stick inktube.

4-  Cut at the black line. (around 3cm)

5-  Use the little part to put the Supertips bodies together. You can use glue if needed.

6-  It should be like that.

7-  Take the RSVP caps and cut it as shown. Sand the part you cut.

8-  Cut the dr.grip grip and add the Airfit tips.

9-  Use adhesive tape so the RSVP caps doesn’t move.

10-  Assemble everything together


Comment :
A long and heavy mod, it’s pretty good, but not everyone likes it.
If you are looking for a heavier Ivan mod or busterCYL, this mod will be good for you 🙂

Video :

Vicgotgame Unofficial Solo v1 :

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  1. avatar
    HHH de la fpsb

    si tu chope le tuto du crew mod ca serait cool ^^

    le supR kt aussi claque, le lien :

    voila ^^

  2. avatar
    HHH de la fpsb

    a aussi ta oublié le killergel (=mod blanc de s777) :

    voila ^^

    perso j’aime bien ce mod, quoique un peu court ^^

  3. avatar

    Un mod blanc, bien long si on veut. Le top, j’essaierai de me le faire.

  4. avatar

    T’es fou ou quoi ?! xD
    Perso ça me dit trop rien… Mais avec un loong outsert on peut arranger la coupure… A voir quoi. =)