Guitrum’s Retractable Mx

Credit goes to Guitrum for the featured picture and the tutorial pictures.


Name : Guitrum’s Retractable Mx

Creator : +Guitrum+

Length : 18.5 cm

Weight : As an Mx

– Insert : Yes

– Link : Guitrum’s Retractable Mx (UPSB)

Making : Difficult

Pens list :

1 RSVP (Everything)

1 HGG (grip + tip + backplug)

1 Bic Clic Stic (mechanism + spring)
– 1 Toothpick

Tutorial :

1-  Disassemble the pens as shown. Keep what is on the top of the picture.

2-  Disassemble the BIC Clic Stic mechanism as shown. Keep what is on the right of the picture.

3-  Cut off the top of the BIC mechanism just enough so you can notice the gap on the inside.

4-  Cut off until the gap, as shown.

5-  Cut off the BIC mechanism bottom just enough so you can notice the inner teeth on the inside.

6-  Cut off until there is a tiny space beneath the teeth. It should be about 1 cm long.

7-  Poke a hole on the RSVP backcap as shown.

8-  Push the cut BIC mechanism inside the RSVP backcap and be sure that it’s well stuck. Add superglue if needed.

9-  a) Cut off the RSVP plastic tip just enough so the inktube can slide all the way through. b) Screw on the HGG tip. c) Put the HGG grip.

10- Modify the RSVP inktube as shown. (the length could vary for each person).

11-  Cut/file the “larger” parts of the backcap, so that the cap can slide on it while clicking.

12-  a) Put back the modified inktube. b) Put the insert.
c) Screw back the backcap. (make sure that the toothpick is well placed and steady in the mechanism).

13-  Cut the RSVP grip as shown.

14-  Cut off a vertical grip strip (on the lip side).

15-  Put the remaining cut grip inside the cap as shown.

16-  Cut the HGG backplug as shown.

17-  Push the cut backplug inside the RSVP grip, inside the cap.

18-  Wrap tape around the end of the BIC mechanism as shown.

19-  Put the RSVP cap on so it connects with the RSVP backcap base, to make it click properly.

Comment :

Congratulations Guitrum for making this mod, small amount of pens, moreover, they are easy to find. Awesome !

Video :

Guitrum trying his mod :

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    Héhé moi j’en ai un =D.

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    C’est là que je m’en veux d’avoir balancé mes corps et systèmes rétractables de bic clic stic pour ne garder que les tips pour Reeder mod. Mod bien classe, m’en ferai un quand je rachèterai des bics.