BSPC (Ballsign Playcolor)

Credit goes to Ponkotu for the featured picture.

Name : Ballsing Playcolor (BSPC)

Creator : Unknown

Length : 21 cm

Weight : 12 g

– Insert : Yes

– Link : BSPC (Pen’s meeting place)

Modding : Easy

Pens :
1 Sakura Ballsign (body)
1 or 2 Tombow Playcolor (2 caps)
2 clear SuperGrip  (2 grips)
1 Dr.Grip (grip)
2 Uniball Signo (ou 2 Hi-Tech) (2 tips)

Tutorial :

1- Double cap the Ballsign body with the Playcolor caps (without clip).

Cut the Supergrip grip and keep the stripes.

3- Cut two 8 mm pieces of DrGrip grip.

Put the tips on the caps and stick them thanks to the Supergrip grip and then put the DrGrip grip onto it, as shown.

Comment :
A very great light mod. This is the reference as ballsign mod.

Video :


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    Non, il faut bien les deux caps différent du playcolour car un caps ne rentre pas sur les deux cotés du ballsing 🙂

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    avec 2 caps avec clip il faut limer un peu l’avant du ballsign