Sweet Drop Mod (SEVEN’s version)

Name : Sweet Drop Mod (SEVEN’s version)

Creator : SEVEN

Length : 20 cm

Weight : 12 g

–  Outsert : No

– Link : Sweet Drop Mod (SEVEN’s version) (Ponkotu blog)

Making : Middle

Pens :

1 Sweet Drop (everything)

2 Signo DX (2 tips + 2 backcaps + 2 grips)

1 RSVP (grip)

Tutorial :

1-  On both sides, put a Signo backcap into the hole at the end of the Sweet Drop cap.

2-   Put some electrical tape to fill the gap, as shown.

3-  Cut a 1 cm RSVP grip section, then put this section on the electrical tape.

4-  You can add white electrical tape for aesthetic purposes.

5-   Put the Signo grip on the cap as you want.

6- Put the Signo tips.


Comment : SEVEN is doing crazy stuff with this mod !
Sweet drop pen is discontinued and really valuable. Even if the texture of the bed is very slippery, it is still a legendary pen from a legendary spinner.

Video :

SEVEN Unofficial Solo v4 :


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    juste pour dire que le sweet drop de seven à du chaterton noir d’un côté et blanc de l’autre