Joey Mod

Credit goes to Joey for the featured picture and the tutorial pictures.


Name : Joey Mod [Signo NX MMTX]

Creator : Joey

Length : 20 cm

Weight : 15g

– Insert : Yes

– Link : Joey Mod (UPSB)

Making : Difficult

Pens :
2 Signo DX (2 bodies + 2 tips + 2 grips)
1 G2 (body)
1 Pilot Latte (cap) (can be faked by G3 cap)

Tutorial :

1- File the Pilot Latte cap’s clip.

2- File the Signo DX front so that you can put the G2 body and an insert on it.

3- Cut a 4 cm piece of the G2 body backpart, then file.

4-  Unscrew the other Signo DX tip, cut right at the end of the undergrip part, then file at about 1 cm.

5-  You should have this.

6-  Then put the parts as shown.

Video for the cap.

Video for the body

Comment :
Excellent mod. The structure is very genius.

Video :

WC Round Qualification (with Joey) :

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    BaoO =/= Joey, je trouve une vidéo de Joey et j’édit ton post Near .

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    question on peut le trouver en france le pilot latte?

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    Je ne pense pas

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    Eh bien si!!!!!j’en ai en masse vers chez moi!!! 😀