The SX

Credit goes to Look Into The Sun for the featured picture.


Name : The SX

Creator : Look Into The Sun

Length : 22 cm

–  Weigth: ~ 19g

– Insert : Yes

– Link : The SX (UPSB)

Making : Middle

Pens list :

1 Namae (Body)
1 Dong-A (Cap)
1 Sailor Gel (Grip)
1 Hyper Jell (Grip + Cap)
1 Silicone Grip (Tip) (can be sub)
1 Zebra Telescopic (Tip) (Can be sub)

Tutorial :

1-  Add tape to the place indicated by the arrow in front of the Namaa for the Cap of Dong-A may well hold. Outsert the body part of the Namae and the part of the Cape of Dong-A indicated.

2-  At the front of the Cap of Dong-A, put the tip of Silicon Grip, and add the Sailor Gel grip.

3- Put Dong_a cap in the front of Namae body.

4-  Put ZT tip into Hyperjell grip (let exceed). Wrap an oustert around it. Put all these parts into Hyperjell cap.

5- Add Cap on the back of Namae body.

Comment :
Very good mod for the recycling parts !

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    Très beau, bonne qualité de moddage pour le peu que je m’y connaisse^^

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