TwinArt Mod

Name : TwinArt Mod

Creator : Ultimatsz

Lenght : 21.5 cm

–  Weigth : 19 g

– Outsert : No

– Link : TwinArt Mod (FPSB)

Making : Easy

Pens list :

1 ZIG Clean Color Marker (Body)
2 TwinArt (2 Caps)
2 Sailor Gel (2 Grips)
2 Pilot NextAge (2 Tips) (others tips can be used)
1 Pencil
Tutorial :

1-  Keep only ZIG Clean Color Maker body.

2-  Add the pencil (about 15cm), it must exceed of 1.5cm on both extremities (If the diameter of a pencil is too thin, wrap tape around).

3-  Add electric tape / adhesive tape on both extremities of the pencil.

4-  Put TwinArt caps above the pencil, add electric tape if the caps move.

5-  Put Sailor Gel grip, then put Pilot Nextage tips.

Comment :
Easy to make, beautiful but it’s from Singapour so these pens are difficult to find for european or american people.

All comments.

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    Can we find sailor gel in Singapore?

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    I don’t know. Request to penspinners of Singapore ^^

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    Yes, sailor gels can be found. but i have no idea where to find the twin art markers

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    @eugene where can the sailor gels be found? any idea? i know that twinart markes can be found at popular, and i bought it from the popular at toapayoh

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    Sailor gel can be found at DAISO in Singapore.

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    Just completed making this mod… Although this was posted like a year ago… XD thanks anyway!