Credit goes to Guitrum for the featured picture and the tutorial pictures.


Name : G3-Matic Mod

Creator : +Guitrum+

Length : 19.8 cm

Weight : Heavy

– Insert : Yes

– Link : G3-M Mod (UPSB)

Making : A bit hard.

Pens list :
1 G3 (All parts)
1 Grip Matic (Grip + Tip)
1 Signo (Tip)
1 ColorTwin (The little cap)
1 G2 (Grip)
2 Anyball / SGM/ Profile (2 Grips)

Tutorial :

1- Gather your materials and keep the parts that are necessary.

2-  Take the two Profile grips and the G2 grip and cut them as shown in the picture below

3- Take the G3 cap and remove the clip and then the rubber ink stopper from the inside. Then remove and sand down the bump that held the clip.

4- Push the Gripmatic tip into the cap.

5- Wrap an insert around the Gripmatic grip. Push that into the cap all the way until it reaches the tip. Everything should fit snuggly.

6-  Take the two pieces of the Profile grip that have the large ring on them and put them on the cap. the one with two rings all together should go on first, followed by the one with 3 total rings. Use the picture as reference

7-  Take the G3 body and remove only the first two rings off of the grip. An X-Acto knife does this job very well. Make sure to leave the rest of the grip attached to the body.

8-  File the bump, between the screw and the grip.

9-  Use your file, sand down the very apparent knub. Leave the threads on though.Using an X-Acto knife, poke a hole in the G3 backplug large enough for the G3 inktube tip to fit through

10-  Place an insert into the the body. Then click the hollowed G3 backcap

11-  Glue the ColorTwin small cap to the front of the G3 body where you filed. Make sure that it is snug and that it is straight as well.

12-  Attach the Signo tip into the ColorTwin small cap. I highly suggest using superglue.

13-  Wrap Teflon-tape around the signo tip and screw on the G3 tip. Apply superglue if you feel necessary. Wrap more teflon tape around the cylyndrical portion of the G3 tip so that it is flush with the diameter of the ColorTwin small cap.

14-  Put the small section of the G2 grip on first, then the middle section of the Profile grip, then the large section of the G2 grip as shown in the picture. Another alternative would be to take 2 G2 grips and cut one right where the rings meet the thick black section and taking another and cutting off only the very first ring. This is the grip style used in the green G3-Matic (G3-M) Mod shown on the first post.

15-  Wrap enough electrical tape on the back of the G3 body to hold on the completed cap and the push that very same cap into place! You have just completed your G3-Matic (G3-M) Mod

Comment :
First reflex when I see the mod: wooah. It seems nice to use. Looks easier to make than it looks. If you like “vintage 2010s SC penmod”, I advise you to make it !

G3-M Mod   s777 Mx-like :

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    L’ajout de chaterton sert à fixer le tip de signo et le tip de G3 ensemble.
    Je suis en train de me le faire Ü