NIKoo’s G3 mod


Name : NIKoo’s G3 mod

Craator : NIKoo

Length : 19 cm

Weight : Heavy

– Insert : Yes

– Link : NIKoo’s G3 Mod ( UPSB )

Making : Very easy

Stuff :

1 Jedo ( Tip )
3 HGG ( 2 Grips + 3 Tips )
1 Signo ( Tip )
1 HyperJell ( Tip )
1 Metallic G3 (Everything)
1 Air Blanc ( Grip )
1 Anyball ( Grip )
1 Dr.Grip G-Spec ( OverGrip )

Tutorial :

1- First of all, you should get a GJH penmod. Tutorial is >here<

2- Take your GJH and put 2 HGG tips onto the front of your GJH.

3- Cut in 2 pieces the grip of airblanc (unspecified size) and put those with 2 stripes of anyball onto the HGG grip at the front of your GJH.

4- Take you G3 cap. Put the HGG tip into the Signo tip and put this tip stack inside the G3 cap. Add the second HGG grip inside and a small stripe of hyperjell grip.

5- Assemble it.

Comment :
If you have short hand but like heavy mods, I am sure you’ll like it. In the 2008 period, some japanese penspinners made their personal G3 mod from the famous GJH (saizen as well).

Video :

NIKoo’s Official Solo :

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    Petite rectification xD
    le mod fait bien plus que 16g, j’en ai un et il est plus lourd qu’un buster cyl xD

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    Joli mod, a spinner^^
    Il a son caractère, je trouve^^

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    Mais en fait c’ est quel mod sur la vidéo ?

  4. avatar

    Aucune idée T-T