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Name : Com.Ssa

Creator : Unknowned

– Length : 18 cm

Weight : 9 g

Outsert : Yes

Lien : Com.ssa, Les variations du Com.ssa

Making : Very easy

Stuff :

2 Dong-a ( Barrel + Caps )
2 Anyball / Star Gel Max ( Grips )
Metallic version: 2 HGG ( 2 Tips )
Price : About 3-4$ (regular version) and 5-6$ (metallic version)

Tutorial :

0- Remove the inktube if you need.

1- Put caps on each side of the Donga barrel.

2- Add some grips on each end of caps.

3- If you feel the mod too much light for you, screw up the HGG tips on each cap.

Comment :

Com.ssa (also called comssa or cs) is, as the RSVP MX, one of the first penmod in penspinning history. Even if the donga sign pen is only findable in Korea, you can buy it on ebay very easily! If you browse on the internet, you’ll see that comssa has a loooot of different versions. I advise you to take a look at this article here All the stuff about Com.ssa

Video :

PDS Com.Ssa Collab :

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    comment on ajoute les tips de HGGs ??

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    ENNORME! comment je fais pour en acheter un! il est tp styler!