X Acto & Cut grips




The X-Acto  is the most used knife to make grips cut, because it is of great precision. It allows for specific reasons, so if you want to get cut in the grips is essential. You can find it between 4 and 9$ in your favorite stationery, normally.

wasp-mod drtiki.jpg Dr TIKI picture by DRNEPTUNE

 Dr.Tiki of NEPTUNE

The grips cut interest is to make the mod much more beautiful.

The cut grips require patience and precision to be perfectly successful.

How to make a cut grip :

– Take a pen or rotten grip fits more or less easily. In fact it should not be damaged grip and not let him wander either.

– Take the grip and put it aobve the pens.

– Make a pattern, ie draw the patterns on your grip with a gel ink pen: The Signo Broad and HGG white are very useful for this task (preferably Plan in advance how your grip will be cut, cf  drawing of Wasp Mod of Neptune ).

– Take your knife (and your time) and press one of the corners hard enough (no need for the scalpel has much paper is very accurate and then do the edges with the same force.

Cutter to avoid! It is not as precise as a scalpel and paper is not extra level shape and blade.

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