Hybrid -DC- HGG

Credit goes to DarkArcher for the featured picture.


Name : Hybrid -DC- HGG

Creator : DarkArcher / Eric

Length : 18.5 cm

Weight  : As anRSVP Mx

– Insert : Yes

– Link : Hybrid -DC- HGG ( UPSB )

Making : Easy

Pens list :
1 G3 ( Cap + Grip )
1 HGG ( Body + Tip + Cap )
2 G2 ( 2 Grips )

Tutorial :

1- Cut the G2 grips as shown

2- Poke out the back plug and put in an insert into the HGG body. Screw the HGG tip onto the HGG body. Apply a thin layer of tape on the grip section of the HGG so the G2 grip won’t wobble, and put on the G2 grips as shown

3 – Use wire cutters to remove the clip off the HGG cap. Then file the rough parts so it’s nice and smooth. (Optional: poke out the rubber thingy in the cap) Make sure the G3 cap can slide over the HGG cap

 4- Wrap an insert around the HGG cap and put the HGG cap onto the HGG body

5-  remove and sand down the clip of the G3 cap. Put the 3cm section of the G3 grip into the G3 cap. Slide the G3 cap over the HGG cap. The G3 cap should fit nice and snug. (If it’s difficult, make sure the insert between the G3 and HGG cap isn’t too thick)

Comment :
A mod first created by DarkArcher which was unconsciously done by Penwish later. It’s a pretty basic mod.

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