STek Body by Tek

Credit goes to TEK for the featured picture.

This is a technique popularized by TEK.

You can use this technique for any mod that uses a 0.9cm-1cm thickness body :

– Com.Ssa

– Bellcolor Mod

– BusterCYL

–  and so on

Stuff needed :
2 Super Tips ( 2 Caps )
1 Bic round stick ( Corps )
2 Com.Ssa / Bellcolor ( 2 Caps )

Tutorial : .

1- Remove bumps of your Supertip caps.

2- Cut 1cm of bic round stic body

3- Attach both caps with the bic body.

4- Add the com.ssa caps on the barrel you’ve just created. Bellcolor caps hold better than comssa caps.

menowastek-768x426Credit goes to Vôre-Tèx for this Menowa mod