Namaezing Mod

Credit goes to Guitrum for the featured picture.


Name : Namaezing Mod

Creator : +Guitrum+

Length : 20.2 cm

Weight : ?

– Outsert : No

– Link : Namaezing Mod ( UPSB )

Making : A bit hard

Pens list :
1 ColorTwin / M&M / Keityo ( Body )
2 Uniball Signo ( 2 Tips )
2 Namae ( 2 Caps )
2 HGG ( 2 Grips )
2 G2 ( 2 Grips )
1 Dong-A ( Backplug )

Tutorial :

1- Gather your materials.

2- Put Signo tips on old Namae caps.

3-  Stretch the two grips of the HGG as much as possible, Guitrum uses a method with inktubes but I don’t understand this method. Once the extended grips, put on the caps of Namae, help yourself with moisturizer if you have trouble.

4- Cut 3 stripes of each G2 grips and put each piece of grip on the namae cap.

5- Empty Keityou / M&M / ColorTwin Body, don’t forget to remove Backplug.

6- Wrap adhesive tape on the tip of Color Twin (not above the body) .

7- Put a cap of Namae in front of the pen.

8- Wrap tape around the Dong-A backcap until it is thick enough to hold firmly to the back of the body of Colortwin.

9- Put backplug of Dong-A at the back of the CT body. Stick with the glue if necessary.

10- Paste the Cap of Namae in the back of the body of the latter. finished.

Comment :
A cool mod  =) and the white and black is truly sublime.

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    Il a l’air bien simpa 0o’

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    on peut utiliser un corps de ullman non?

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    oui par l’effceur du LMB de Twim

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    heu… mwais pas mal de pen pour pas grand chose autant faire un nemZ.KT…

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    On peut trouver ou des namae?? (je suis sur mulhouse)

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    pas en France ^^
    cherche des traders asiatiques ( ou français, certains doivent en avoir )