ArmaG3ddon Mod (Centinex² G3 Mod)

Name : ArmaG3ddon Mod (Centinex² G3 Mod)

Creator : Centinex²

Length : 19.5 – 20 cm

Weight : 15g

– Insert : Yes

– Link : ArmaG3ddon ModCentinex² G3 Mod

Making : A bit hard

Pens list :
2 Pilot G3 ( 2 Tips + 1 Body + 1 Grip )
2 Jimnie gel ( 2 Grips + 1 Cap )
1 Uniball Impact RT ( Grip )
1 Anyball ( Grip )

Tutorial :

1- Remove G3 grip and cut it in two parts from the last stripe. sand down the front of your g3

2- Take Jimnie Gel cap, cut the clip, put a G3 tip into a piece of 2.2 cm of  Jimnie Gel grip. Put G3 grip cut (the part without stripes) in the Jimnie Gel grip.

3- Put an insert into the G3 body, put the leftover Jimnie Gel grip and the other Jimnie Gel grip in the front of G3 body. Add Uniball Impact RT grip cut on the front, above Jimnie grips.

4- Take a piece of an emptied cartridge, and put it on the front of G3 body. Fix G3 tip on this cartridge. Add 2 stripes of Anyball grip above it.

5- Fix Jimnie Gel cap on the back of G3 body.

Comment :
Great G3 mod from Centinex, an old french penmodder 🙂

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