Credit goes to Kr4zy for the featured picture.



Creator : Kr4zy

Length : 21 cm

Weight : 16 g

– Insert: Yes

– Link : RSVP NX MMT DX (BPSC) or (FPSB)

Making : Dificult

Pens list :

– 1 RSVP ( Everything )
– 1 G2 ( clicker , Body )
– 2 HGG ( 2 Tips, 1 Grip )
– 1 HGG DX ( 1 Tip )
– 1 Anyball /Profile ( Grip )

Tutorial :

1- File the front of RSVP body and attach the small part of the G2 clicker on the tip of the RSVP .

2- Cut 5.6 cm of G2 Body and put it (with an insert) on the front of RSVP body.

3-  Cut 0.7 cm of the big part of G2 clicker, attach the tip of HGG DX on it and put that part on the small part of the G2 clicker on the front of the mod.

4- Cut the clip of the RSVP cap, put an HGG tip inside, and add the rsvp grip with a piece of anyball inside the RSVP grip.

5- Put the second HGG tip with a piece of HGG  grip (about 0.6 cm) in the grip of RSVP in the cap.

6- Put an insert in the body, fix RSVP backcap on the back of RSVP and put the cap then.

Comment :
Here is a very aesthetic mod. It is also a fantastic mod to spin.

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