Yakitori Mod

Name : Yakitori Mod

Creator : Eternal

Length : Medium

Weigth : Medium

– Insert : Yes

– Link : Yakitori Mod

Making : Quite easy

Pens list :

1 Slickpen / HGG ( Grip )

1 Lakubo ( Body + Grip + Backcap + Ink )

1 screw

1 Anyball / SGM / Profile ( Grip )

1 RSVP ( Cap + Grip )

2 HGG ( 2 Tips )

1 Signo ( Tip )

Tutorial :

1- Remove the lakubo grip, screw a HGG tip on the lakubo tip and put some adhesive tape so it doesn’t move.

2- Put some patafix in the signo tip and put it on the HGG tip, then add some adhesive tape.

3- Cut the slickpen grip so the lakubo grip and the slickpen grip cover the front of the mod.

4- Put the two grips on the front of the mod.

5- Make a little hole in the lakubo backcap and turn down the inktube.

6- Put the anyball/SGM on the RSVP grip.

7- Take the second HGG tip, put patafix and the screw inside. Add adhesive tape and put it in the RSVP cap.

8- Put the RSVP grip in the cap then put it on the lakubo body.

Comment :

Nice mod, maybe overgripped. You need time to get used to it, but you can have great sensations with it.

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