Name : Any-X

Creator : Zaazu

Length : 19 cm

Weight : 12 g

– Insert / Outsert : Why not.

– Link : Any-X (GPC)

Difficulty : Medium

Stuff :

– 2 SGM / Anyball / Profile ( 2 Barrels, 2 Clickers, 1 Grip, 1 Spring)
– 1 RSVP ( Inktube )
– 2 Pilot G2 ( 2 clickers parts)
– 1 HGG ( Tip )

Tutorial :

1- Cut your 2 anyball barrels as shown.

2- Take the G2 clicker, cut as shown and use it as connector. Use glue if needed.

3- Cut the other clicker as shown.


I) Cut the clicker part of your Anyball.

II) Put into the step 3.

III) screw the HGG over it.

5- Put a spring and the RSVP inktube. some tape from 3-4cm so the mod can be writable.

6- Srew the step 5 into the barrel.

7-  Do the last step as shown. The left part seems to be a small part of anyball inktube.

8- Screw the clicker on the other side of your pen. Add some grips.

Comment :
This mod looks very efficient if you want a cheap writable mod. You know what to do instead of throwing your anyball barrels next time… hehe

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    Réussir a avoir un tel rendu avec du matos si basique…vraiment, du réel modding.

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    Je suis en train de me le faire. En CLEAR. Grace à des dong-a shabity-S de pologne.

    D’accord avec Hybrya, vraiment ingénieux.

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    Tu as oublié de préciser qu’il faut gripper 😉

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    Juste le createur c est Zaazu non? Alors pourquoi ne pas l avoir marque?

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    Parce que je ne le savais pas =)

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